Canada ranked #1 ‘most desirable’ place to live in the world

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Canada ranked #1 ‘most desirable’ place to live in the world

The Great White North is the most desirable place to live on the planet, according to new Google search data.

Canada is officially the most desirable place to live on Earth, as the new data has revealed where people from around the world want to relocate to the most.

Financial services provider Remitly conducted the research using Google search data to discover where each country wants to move to the most.

Canada is the number one location people are looking to relocate to, having topped the wish-lists of 30 other countries.

Remitly writes that Canada is known for its “friendly locals, beautiful scenery and well-paid job prospects” and notes that it proved a clear favourite for countries around the world from Qatar to Seychelles to the United Kingdom.

“Featuring prominently in the Global Peace Index as one of the safest places to live, and boasting low unemployment rates alongside a high amount of immigration options, it’s arguably no surprise that Canada is head and shoulders above the rest of the world,” adds Remitly.


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