Why Sherway?

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  • Sherway Canada is one of the top rated Immigration Law Firm based in Canada and the Head office is located at the heart of Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area.  
  • The CEO Mr. Backer, MBA with 20 Years of Management Experience in Canada and abroad, is an Immigration Law Graduate from Canada and licensed by Government of Canada Regulatory Body (ICCRC) to practice Immigration Law in Canada and abroad.
  • Mr. Backer is also a proud Member of CAPIC and Commissioner of Oath and affidavits, in Ontario Canada.  We speak your languages: English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam Languages.


  • Sherway Immigration can handle all type of Immigration applications however we are specialized in the following Immigration matters:-
    • Express Entry (FSW and CEC Class)
    • LMIAs and PNPs
    • Students Visas / Admissions.
    • Family Sponsorsorship
    • H & C and Refugee Claims
    • Business / Investor Visa

We have Representative offices in UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines, Malaysia  and Dominican Republic

Why Sherway is different from its Competitors ?

  1. The Senior Counsel and CEO has been working in the Top Immigration Law Firms of Canada prior to the establishment of Sherway Canada Immigration.
  2. Sherway Canada retains Clients only after a professional consultation and essential study of the matter so that success is almost guaranteed and neither the Client nor the Law Office gets disappointed with the end result.
  3. The success rate of Sherway is far above than the industry average because of its

Excellent customer service and the case preparation and follow up with Immigration Canada.

  1. Sherway Canada is partnered with Senior Lawyers for Federal Court Appeals and the 

Clients can get all the possible support in terms of both applications and appeals.

  1. We are expert in dealing with refused cases and there are many successful stories and happy clients whom we could help despite of grim chances of success.
  2. Sherway Canada has very high standard of customer service, reasonable legal fees and offer excellent service for the clients to be happy and refer their friends and family members to Sherway.