Do not travel to Canada if your COPR is expired

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Do not travel to Canada if your COPR is expired

The Canadian government noted that more information on when and how to obtain a new COPR will be posted shortly on IRCC’s website.

It stressed that anyone with an expired COPR should not book their flight or attempt to travel to Canada until IRCC issues a new COPR to them.

COPRs are valid for up to one year. They are tied to the applicant’s passport and their immigration medical examination. Many individuals have been unable to travel to Canada due to coronavirus disruptions or because they do not fall under one of Canada’s travel exemptions. This has caused their COPR to expire. They will not need to go through the immigration process again, however they will need IRCC to reissue a new valid COPR to enable them to travel to Canada.

COPR holders will need to follow Canada’s travel rules upon arrival, such as possibly quarantining for 14 days. However the federal government also announced  that those fully vaccinated will be exempt from the quarantine requirement.

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