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Because Canada is an economical stable Country, many skilled workers from various types of occupations are drawn towards its shores every year. Those interested to work here can immigrate to the nation as a Permanent Resident (PR), or a Skilled Worker, or a Temporary Foreign Worker (TSW), or a student.

Well, you can start working in Canada in any of the above mentioned ways. But, if you are guided appropriately about the proper direction and offered recommendations at every step, you will be able to smoothly pass the process in an informed and efficient manner. You can look for Sherway Immigration services for advice and guidance on how to take advantage of the programs and find a speedy and cost-efficient way to immigrate to Canada and accomplish your dreams.

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You have many options of immigrating programs for working in Canada. These include the following:

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is the recent feature added to the Skilled Workforce/Immigration pillar. This program initiated in July 2016, when the federal government together with the governments of the four Atlantic provinces i.e. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, established this new immigration pilot program for the region, which is sometimes referred to as 'the Maritimes'.

This program was developed to help to address resource gaps faced by various sectors in the Atlantic region, and also to help businesses here attract and retain global talent. This three year pilot program also helps developing a skilled workforce and increases the rate of employment in the Atlantic region. The job candidate and the employer, if meet the particular requisites, then the candidate will be eligible for a permanent resident status in Canada.

To know more on this pilot program, you should consult good immigration consultants in Canada like Sherway Immigrations. We can help you with every step in the process of this program.

The province of Quebec has quite unique immigration programs, which are quite popular of all other immigration programs of other provinces of Canada. Initiated by Canadian Federal government and Quebec government, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) brings in highly skilled, educated and trained foreign workers who can contribute in the Quebec economy and community and fill the skill shortages of the province. Born as an alternative to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, this one has certain exemptions and allowances, which other provinces don’t when it comes to selecting the people for residing in Quebec.

A relatively new program in relation to other Canadian Immigration Programs, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is designed for all foreign nationals who have a work experience in Canada as temporary foreign workers, and also for foreign nationals who graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution and remained in Canada to work. This immigration program gives an opportunity to all such individuals to gain permanent residency in the Country. Therefore, if you have been working in Canada and have adapted to Canadian society, you can opt for the CEC immigration program and make Canada your long-term permanent home.

All foreign nationals who have the experience of working in Quebec, or those who have studied in Quebec, may be eligible for the Quebec Experience Class immigration program. Out of all Canadian immigration programs, this one has the fastest processing times.
This program seeks to preserve all those who have been working and settled in Quebec. The program also targets all the students who have studied in this Canadian province and have gained the educational training required to join the workforce successfully.
For applying to this program, you are required to be at least 18 years old and intend to permanently settle in the province of Quebec.

Although the Canadian federal government is responsible for immigrations in the Country, it allows most of its provinces and territories (except for Quebec) to nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). All of such immigrants should have the skills, education and work experience that can contribute to the economy of that particular province or territory, and is also ready to live there.
Every province or territory of Canada has a certain ‘stream’ (immigration program for a certain group) and criteria for their PNP. Out of all, the Skilled Worker Stream is common for most provinces and territories where skilled people are allowed to apply for Canada immigration for working in occupations where labor is in demand or in a shortage. People who already are employed in some other jobs in the province, or those who want to immigrate to the province can apply for this program.

All foreign national who get an opportunity to work in Canada as a temporary worker to fill in various job vacancies require a work permit. Each of these jobs requires different skill levels and cover a wide range of professions.
It is seen that around 300,000 people come to Canada every year with temporary work permits. With the aging population, this number will expand in the coming years. Therefore, the government of Canada is looking for ways to retain the skilled workers who already are working here.
Immigrating to Canada with a temporary work permit can be the first step of acquiring the permanent residency of this Country.

The number of students who wish to study in Canada is growing every year. There are many among them who desire to take that new diploma/degree and utilize it in the Canadian Work force. The Canadian government has launched a new scheme of Post Graduate work permit, in order to retain the locally trained talent. This is the first step to gain Permanent Residency in the Country. The permit can be applied for a maximum of 3 years.

In order to ensure that the families stay together, the Spousal Work Permit is created so that the spouses/partners of every person working/studying in Canada is allowed to live with his/her spouse or partner in the Country and are also given a work permit.
This permit is granted for a duration of 2 years. This is an Open Work Permit where it holder is permitted to work for any employer or in any profession (unless it is regulated) without having to get approvals for the job.
This again grants the opportunity to the person who is accompanying his/her spouse or partner in Canada to gain the valuable Canadian work experience. Having this can qualify the person for Permanent Residency, and also help in getting the household finances. Overall this allows the families to live together in the Country.

The Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) was designed to enable Canadians to recruit foreign nationals to provide childcare or home support for seniors or people with disabilities. It provides a direct pathway to obtain Permanent Residency of Canada, but only after the caregiver meets all the necessary work requirements under the program

The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program is an attempt of the Canadian government to ensure that the Country attracts and retains a skilled workforce. This program gives an opportunity to all skilled trade immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada in a quick way. This program was developed in 2013 by the Canadian Government and Immigration Department focusing over the increasing shortage of skilled workers in areas that were flourishing because of the strengthening economy.

The Federal Skilled Worker program is popular as one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest ways to get a Permanent Residency in Canada. This program has been carefully revised and has also undergone many restrictions over the years. And therefore it is now part of the Express Entry system. This program is the best way to get a PR of Canada for all those who want to immigrate to the Country as skilled workers.
If you are confused about which program you qualify perfectly, and which one should you apply for, then you are invited for a FREE assessment and we can help you in choosing the appropriate program suited for your situation.

Should you be confused as to which program you qualify to apply for, we invite you to do a FREE assessment and we can tell you which program(s) will be best suited for your situation.