Some common mistakes while making immigration applications

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Some common mistakes while making immigration applications

1 – Submission of documents in an unofficial language.

You must send all your original documents with  translation into English or French.

 2 – Provide false information.

The government is unforgiving and rejecting  when it comes to false information. They can delay or reject your application and can cause it to be denied.

3 – Not getting the best help available.

If you are planning to study, work or immigrate to Canada soon, it is advisable to ensure that all your applications and documents are in order, and e-Visa can help you!

The application process to become a permanent resident can become a major headache. There are many forms and documentation to be sent and it is easy to forget important information or miss the deadline.

So, rely on  us to help you with your immigration process.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and ensure your dreams are on the way to be completed!!!

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