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Canada educational system is internationally recognized with the pioneering and abundant research opportunities. The student admissions have increased proportionally and both the academic institutions and Government have made more options with flexibility to those who wish to study and settle in Canada.

The Canadian Government has always considered the student as a potential permanent resident. Students are being schooled in the Canadian system, and time is required for them to understand not only the educational system but Canada as a whole. After the successful completion of academics, you will be given the opportunity to work and then apply for Permanent Residence. This provision allowed the students worldwide to start their Canadian journey through an academic institution.

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Following categories of Visas available for traveling and staying long duration.

Canada is known for its world-class educational system with flexible norms for international students to pursue higher education in the country. The number of students landing in the country each year either to pursue short-term courses or long-term has increased drastically. Canada has top institutions which attract international students who look forward to wider research prospects. Upon admission, the Universities keep in touch with the students to make them feel welcome even before arrival. Universities also provide information about their admission process and other conveniences to make students feel welcome.

Eligibility criteria:

★ Students should prove that their sole intention is to pursue education and will return home post studies;
★ Students have to provide a proof of admission from a recognized university;
★ Students should provide proof of significant financial support to cover their education and living expenses during their stay;
★ No history of criminal background and must be a law-abiding citizen;
★ Must undergo medical examination.

Student Visa Privileges:

★ Gives an opportunity for world-class education;
★ Allows students to work up to 20 hours per week and full time during holidays;
★ Gives the students an opportunity to find a high paying job in the Canadian market;
★ Enable to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit;
★ The student visa also provides an opportunity to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) under the Canadian Experience Class Program.

Upon graduating from one of the recognized Canadian educational institutes, an individual is eligible to apply to the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) which enables them to stay in Canada for a temporary period and look for job opportunities. Through the PGWP program, the Canadian Government encourages international talent that has already been trained locally. The work permit is considered to be the first step towards the Canadian Experience Class-Path to Permanent Residency which can be received within 3 years.

PGWP Privileges:

★ The PGWP visa paves path to obtaining Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).
★ The visa allows a foreign individual graduating from Canada to work in Canada.

To ensure that families stay together, Canadian Government provides the Spousal Work Permit that allows spouses or partners of PGWP holders to work in Canada. The Spousal Work Permit is considered to be an excellent opportunity to gain Canadian work experience while living with the family and helping with the finances.

Spousal Work Permit Privileges:

★ It allows the applicant to work in Canada and gain valuable experience;
★ Helps support family;
★ The work permit allows the applicant to work anywhere and do any type of job without the approval processes.
★ The work permit qualifies the person to obtain Permanent Residency for permanent settlement in Canada.

It is a relatively new program that facilitates early settlement in Canada. Students who have graduated from a Canadian university or individuals working in Canada can apply for this visa. The visa helps Temporary Workers or Students in Canada settle permanently in Canada. Canadian Experience Class visa program has garnered a lot of success in the recent years and the government is attracting foreign nationals for permanent residence with the program.

Canadian Express Class Privileges:

★ It helps the applicants become Permanent Residents (PR) of Canada;
★ As a permanent resident, the individual gets all rights of a Canadian citizen except the right to vote;
★ It helps the individual to apply for Canadian Citizenship if they stay in Canada 3 out of 4 years.

The Quebec Experience Class visa is a unique immigration program with certain exemptions and allowances for applicants who wish to settle in the province. Foreign nationals planning to settle in Quebec may not apply for a visa under the CEC program. The Quebec Experience Class visa is an alternative to the Canadian Experience Class Program, to facilitate settlement in Quebec.
The program seeks to retain students and workers who have already studied or have been working in the province to settle in the province. The Quebec Experience Class Program is different for both students and workers.

Quebec Graduate/Future Graduate:

★ The applicant should be 18 years old (min) and should be willing to work and settle in Quebec;
★ The applicant must have a Quebec Diploma or must have completed their education within six months of the date of application (submission);
★ Must have an intermediate level of French knowledge (oral);
★ The applicant must provide sufficient details of financial support included in the application.

Quebec Experience Class Privileges:

★ Qualifying under this program will the applicant a Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada;
★ Although it is a Quebec based program, the applicant can live and work anywhere in Canada;
★ The applicant gets all rights of a Canadian citizen except the right to vote and join the military;
★ A Quebec Experience Class member can apply for the Canadian citizenship after satisfying the residency requirements as a PR.

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