Humanitarian And Compassionate Grounds

Humanitarian And Compassionate Grounds

The Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds program (H&C) allows individuals in exceptional circumstances to apply for permanent resident status in Canada by making an exception to existing rules, but within the framework of current immigration law. All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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When considering applications under the H&C program, the government looks for individuals who have very extreme and valid circumstances for leaving their country of origin, and permanently residing in Canada. These can include endangerments to their physical and mental well-being.

The H&C program should not be confused with the refugee program, which is for individuals who are fleeing their country of origin to avoid persecution.

In most cases, elderly parents resort to using the H&C program, whose children and grandchildren live permanently in Canada, and who do not have family, financial and other links in their country of origin. This program is also suitable for those who have been denied immigration under the refugee program.

The required documents for the H&C program are submitted after the applicant has lived in Canada for at least a year. Therefore, our strategy is to have the applicant first enter Canada with the appropriate permission (using a tourist visa or Super visa), and then we will provide the individual with a detailed strategy and why it’s justified, and finally provide the necessary documentation.

Sherway Canada Immigration offer a customized approach to each client, so there is no doubt your application will be filled out taking into account your circumstances and your family situation. We will professionally and carefully prove to the Canadian immigration authorities that you have the right to be considered under the H&C program.

The H&C program is an excellent alternative to a number of immigration programs, especially for those who are denied by some.

For example, if one of your parents who live outside of Canada, cannot live on their own due to their age or health, and needs care and support from a relative, but is denied under other immigration programs – is eligible to apply under the H&C program.

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