Super VISA

Super VISA

Your relatives are eligible for an extended stay in Canada, without becoming permanent residents. This can be done by applying for the extended stay Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or the Super Visa. It is a much faster route than sponsorship. In most cases, Super Visas can be received within 60 days. The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that is valid for up to 10 years.

In order to successfully apply for a Super Visa for your relatives, you must meet the following requirements:

– Be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen 

– Present documented proof of funds exceeding the following amounts per invited relative:

Size of Family Unit Minimum Nexessary
1 person (your child of grandchild) $ 27,514
2 persons $ 34,254
3 persons $ 42,100
4 persons $ 51,128
5 persons $ 57,988
6 persons $ 65,400
7 persons $ 72,814
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $ 7,412

– Your relatives must prove that they have reasons to return to their home country (such as family members, property, career, or pension)

– You must have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance firm to cover your relative’s stay in Canada

Although the application process is simple, the guidelines for the process are very strict. One incorrectly filled field may result in a visa denial, which is very difficult to reverse.

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